One price. Any task

We charge $50 per hour. For everything. Desing, API, Web, Mobile and Consulting. It's always $50/hour.

$50 per hour

No hidden fees. No extras. No nothing.

Could you give me some estimates?

Sure. So here are some estimates for you. A common e-commerce store requires around 60-80 hours. A common API around 50-60 hours. A Web app usually around 100 hours. A mobile app for iOS or Android would also start from 100 hours.

How can I be sure you won't overcharge me?

Before we start to do anything, we always make an offer and negotiate an overall budget. During the project things may change, ideas may come. If so, before we charge you, we will first ask your permission to proceed. Simple as that.

What payment options do you have?

You can pay our services via Paypal or a Bank transfer.

How does the payment cycle look like?

We always have an advanced payment, which is 50% of the budget but never more then $5000. If the project is longer then 2 months, we calculate all pending hours for the current month and issue an invoice for those hours at the end of that month.

What if I change my mind? Will you return my advance payment?

Hey, stuff happens. If we have not yet started to develop and no hours have been spent, we will refund the full advance payment. If some of the hours where already spent, we will refund the remaining difference and send all the deliverables currently avalible.

I still have some questions? How can I contact you?

Of course. You can contact us via E-mail, Skype(Dreamvention), Zendesk Support, Facebook chat or by clicking the button above.

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