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Plans change so we focus on the result. Together we will review every milestone and adjust accordingly so that you get a best result. Once you are up and running, we stay to support you.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the first things businesses learn when entering e-commerce. Search traffic is a perfect driver for sales because it has higher conversion rates then ppc. Yet, it is not free as many would assume. You are required to invest in creating quality content, optimizing your code for search engines,improving your backlink portfolio and constantly fighting the competition for the keywords. But if you are planning to start an online business, that’s the first thing you should do, and we can help you do it right.

Social media marketing

Just like SEO, SMM is one of those things that you should start off from the beginning. Create your business page on facebook and linkedin, set up a business account on instagram, start tweeting and pinning on twitter and pinterest. If there is anything you are going to regret later on in your journey, most likely it will be that that you didn’t start posting. Want to do it right, do it with us.

Google ads

Google Adwords is the de facto online advertising solution. It has been dominating the market for the last 15 years and is not going anywhere. You can start using it today with a very simple setup process. Although, as simple as it is to set up, you soon face such difficulties as optimizing your advertising budget and improving your click-through-rate. We can help you with this. We know how to reduce your budget by 3x without losing any customers.

Facebook ads

For a while now Facebook ads has been growing exponentially due to high demand in mobile ads. Facebook, because of its huge user database, allows us to create very personalized messages. Facebook ads also allow us to promote our business not only on facebook, but also on instagram, which on its own is an extremely lucrative market. The likelihood of a instagram user converting is 45x higher then on facebook. And the best part is, you can retarget people that are interested in your services automatically. Ready to start using it?

Email marketing

Yes, emails. You would think that this kind of marketing should have died off by now. Wrong. It is still one of the most effective marketing concepts. One of such strategies is email drip campaigns. The idea is that you send a series of emails one each week slowly building up trust and heating up your leads. At some point you can send a sells pitch with much better chances of converting. This can be automated.

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