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We can design beautiful landing pages for you.

Lead Nurturing

80% of your visitors are not ready to buy. Stop losing them.

Marketing Automation

Stop wasting time on manual work. Let the program do it.

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After you give us your requests, we come up with a plan to develop and implement the solution. We finish with a signed contract specifying the list of tasks, milestones, hours and budget nessery.
Launch the store
Plans change so we focus on the result. Together we will review every milestone and adjust accordingly so that you get a best result. Once you are up and running, we stay to support you.

Landing pages

Converting your visitors into customers doesn’t happen immediately. You must present to your visitors a clear message and convince them that you or your product is perfect for them. Landing pages are the ultimate tool for doing just that. We can help you design and develop highly profitable landing pages tailored to your unique product or offer.

Marketing automation

So you have setup a landing page and now you are driving traffic to your site. Congrats. You are ready for the next step. Automated marketing is all about understanding your customers and where they are on their unique buying journey. We can help you automate this process by setting up automated tasks and personalizing your marketing message.

Lead Scoring

By organizing your customers into groups with similar buying behaviour, you can optimize your marketing message by offering personalization. It’s all about making the right offer at the right place at the right time. We will help you setup your own lead scoring checklist and automate the process of lead segmentation and reevaluation.

Lead Stages

With marketing automation you can implement lead stages - an awesome way of learning where your leads are and how they are moving through your funnel. By automating this process, you will have the opportunity to offer the right products to the right people at the right time, making you the master of marketing.

Multi-touch marketing

A typical customer would have accessed as many as 23 touch points before he is even ready to talk to your sales rep. Times have changed. Multi-touch marketing is the only way to engage your leads, make better marketing campaigns, and boost marketing ROI.

CRM Integrations

At some point your leads become customers and you need to pass them to your sales team. With us CRM integrations is easy. We will help you integrate your CRM of choice like Salesforce, Pipedrive, Soho CRM, SugarCRM and more. Align your automated marketing with your sales team.

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