3 Easy Tips: How to recover your OpenCart Admin Password

If you have locked yourself out of OpenCart admin panel, don't panic - We have 3 easy solutions how you can log yourself back in.

Did you forget your OpenCart Password?

You may be surprised, but this is a quite common issue with Admin Panels. We often get support tickets asking us to help clients restore their access to OpenCart admin panel.

So, instead of doing this over and over for each and every case, we made 3 simple solutions how you can easily log yourself back in.

1. Restore OpenCart password with authentication file

We have created an authentication file that you can download from github, upload to your admin folder and log into your Admin with any available user.


This file will use the config.php file to log into the OpenCart database, retrieve the list of admin users and let you log into them without providing the password.

But, please, remember to delete this file afterward since it is a doorway and may cause security issues in the future.

2. Change the password for OpenCart Admin user via phpMyAdmin

If you have access to your Cpanel or directly to phpMyAdmin, you can use that to reset your admin password to 1234


  1. Log into your phpMyAdmin,
  2. Find your OpenCart database
  3. Locate table oc_user
  4. Edit User with id 1

password: 5a80088bd1e4fa5a25b66bbe6867fc4cce3b1539 salt: 4zsCfjJvm

  1. Go to your OpenCart admin and enter user: admin password: 1234

Just remember to change your password to something more secure. You don't want your OpenCart store hacked with brute force.

3. Edit your OpenCart code to log in without knowing the admin password.

If you have access to your Cpanel, file manager or FTP, you can edit the code of a file to log in to the admin panel without knowing the password.


  1. Go to file admin/controller/common/login.php
  2. On line 14 remove && $this->validate()
  3. On line 13 add this code `$this->session->['user_id'] = 1;
  4. Go to Admin and click login.
  5. Rever the changes made to the login.php file.

You are not logged in to your Admin panel. Reset your password and try not to forget it anymore.

All the files used in this tutorial you can download from our github.

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